The intercom can be used to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the home. Structurally, the intercom system consists of internal and external parts that are connected to each other by a communication channel. The outer part provides protection from vandalism as it is firmly mounted and prevents robbers from pulling it out of its pile. The inner part is installed directly in the subscriber’s apartment and its use is simple and comfortable. We can distinguish two types of intercom (video) video and audio. შიდა The internal module of the video intercom is equipped with color (black and white) display and speakers, while the external is equipped with a camera and microphone. This allows you to visually determine the identity of the visitors and their number. Many models of video intercoms have internet support, which allows us to use it from a smartphone or other portable device. გარეThe outer panel of the audio intercom is equipped with a microphone that allows us to identify visitors by voice. Its advantage is more affordable cost and easy installation. The Innotech team will plan and install any type of intercom in your building, make you feel more protected with us.

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