Temperature and humidity measuring devices may include both combined devices and separate temperature meters. Combined devices Thermo-hygrometers – Temperature and humidity meters allow the measurement of air temperature and humidity. Humidity in the air is one of the essential characteristics of the environment. Where humidity causes, or affects, chemical, physical, and biological processes, constant monitoring of air humidity is essential. To determine the amount of moisture, there are two measuring points – absolute and relative humidity. Pyrometer – a device for non-contact measurement of the temperature of nearby organs. The principle of operation is based on the measurement of the thermal radiation power of the object. Measurements are made in the infrared and visible light range. Infrared pyrometers are equipped with laser markers (for accurate targeting). Pyrometers can perform safe remote measurements of the temperature of incandescent objects, making pyrometers indispensable to ensure proper control in cases where physical interaction with a controlled object is impossible due to high temperatures. Temperature / humidity integrated systems take data from measurements and store them in a database. . Accordingly, the operator is allowed to receive reports on data variability during the period during which the data was archived. A mobile application has been created for the system, through which it is possible to observe the object in real time. The system is actively used in refrigeration farms, various product sheds, wine cellars and so on.

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