The most popular in this area is the access and accounting system, which will allow you to reduce the loss of working time to a minimum. With the working time accounting system you can:

  • Determine the total working time of each employee;
  • Provide management with operational information about the missing employee;
  • The increase in demand for leave and sick leave is facilitated by government regulations that oblige certain institutions to keep track of employee attendance / attendance and to store data for a period of one year.

One of the best ways to improve your security is to set up an access system on your site to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering your area. These types of devices prevent the intrusion of unwanted guests, and make it more comfortable for the owner or other authorized persons to move freely. These types of systems are often used in offices whose activities are related to expensive material or other types of property. Access systems provide management for your employee accounting and attendance. Innotech offers a wide selection of access systems services, which include: installation of exit buttons, production of card readers, installation of electric door locks on various facilities, including hotels, door switches and closet lockers. For access systems it is possible to install biometric cards as well as standard magnetic cards or even access the object according to the fingerprint.

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