A walkie-talkie is a simple portable device that allows easy communication through radio waves. Through radio, you can connect people at a certain distance from each other. He is one of the integral part of those who work in the field of protection and not only for them, he can also use it even for personal purposes. In many cases, we will encounter raids from security company employees who control the perimeter and pass information to each other about unforeseen or events. But how does it work in a more specific sense? Simply put, all you have to do is set your radios to the same frequency, also known as the connecting channel, after which you will be able to send messages to devices that are within this range and be able to speak at the touch of a button. There are different types of devices that catch the frequency as 5 – 10 kilometers and more. Inotek offers a wide selection of walkie-talkies to enhance your security.

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