The products presented in “Inotech” are covered by a warranty, the term of which is determined by the brand for at least 1 year.

საგარანტიო მომსახურება დაცვით სისტემებზე

Warranty service includes:

  • Warranty service includes free repair or replacement of the device after the sale in case of damage
  • The warranty period, according to the rules set by the manufacturer, is set at 7 working days after the delivery of the repaired device to the service center.
  • In order to receive warranty service, the owner of the item must submit a warranty document to the service center in case of damage to the device. The guarantee document is also automatically considered to be a document issued to the company in case of JSC and JSC legal entities.
  • In order to provide warranty service, it is necessary to follow the operating rules developed by the manufacturer in accordance with the attached instructions;

Warranty service is not provided/canceled if:

  • The warranty period has expired;
  • No guarantee coupon is presented;
  • The data in the warranty card has been altered, deleted or altered;
  • The warranty card or the case of the device does not read or has a serial number / name code;
  • The device has a visual or mechanical defect;
  • The device was used for an inappropriate purpose (s);
  • Damaged or damaged seal or hatch;
  • The damage is caused by a virus or inappropriate file (s);
  • Damage is caused by power outage (voltage change), damping of the mechanism, corrosion, exposure to high or low temperatures, violation of exploitation, storage rules and conditions, unqualified repair / installation work carried out by incompetent persons;
  • The warranty does not apply to system unit software, system unit power supply, battery, memory chip, wires, adapters, chargers, or other accessories;
  • Installation or repair work has not been carried out by a specialist and the damage is caused as a result of unqualified work performed;
  • The product is damaged for commercial use other than the product originally intended by the manufacturer for commercial use;

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