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Emergency audio broadcasting system

აუდიო გახმოვანების სისტემა

In the blog, we will talk about acoustic audio systems, the purpose of which is to use the massive and immediate warning of people in emergency situations, by broadcasting audio messages.

First of all, we will inform you about the rules and standards that regulate the safety norms of buildings:

EN 50849:2017 – European standard – Audio systems for emergency situations

This European Standard specifies performance requirements for sound systems intended primarily for the transmission of life-saving information in one or more specified areas in emergency situations. It also provides the characteristics and test methods necessary for system specification. This European Standard applies to sound reinforcement and distribution systems used for the rapid and orderly mobilization of occupants in an indoor or outdoor area in emergency situations, including systems that use loudspeakers to transmit voice announcements for emergency purposes and with an attention or alarm tone. signals. This European Standard does not apply to emergency sound systems used for evacuation in the event of a fire situation, regardless of whether or not they are connected to the fire protection and fire protection system. NOTE 1 The use of the system for normal sound reinforcement and distribution systems in non-hazardous circumstances is not excluded. It is recommended that the system, when used for emergency purposes, should be part of a complete facility (equipment, operating procedures and training programs) for emergency control. Note: Sound systems for emergency purposes may be subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

Decree No. 41 (since 2017) – Safety rules for buildings

Since 2017, building safety rules have been implemented in Georgia. Decree 41 applies to the planning, construction and maintenance of buildings and structures subject to Class III, IV and V (residential house, building, industrial facility, commercial establishment). It applies to buildings with a total built-up area of more than 300 m2 at floor level and an average depth of more than 4 m from the ground surface. Also, on most of the industrial and infrastructure buildings.

Note: Sound systems for emergency purposes may be subject to emergency management approval.

Broadcasting of messages and audible signals increases efficiency in emergency situations.