External video surveillance systems of institutions

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External video surveillance systems of institutions

Resolution of the Government of Georgia N101 <<< link to the document

What does an outdoor video surveillance system mean:

First of all, it means that the requirement applies to the outer perimeter. on the street and at the entrances of the facility.

Excerpt from the Emergency Management Service (112) Frequently Asked Questions article:

“At least 2 ( two video cameras must be installed at the main entrance of the building, on the outer perimeter , if the building has a spare entrance, it is mandatory to install 1 ( one video camera at each spare entrance.”

Distribution area of ​​the video surveillance system in other words to whom the regulation applies ) :

Objects subject to permission, registration, authorization, as well as recognized as suitable for commissioningObjects whose VAT taxable turnover in the previous year exceeds 500,000 ₾Objects containing increased risk, regardless of annual turnover
1Pharmacy/authorized pharmacyWholesale trade (46)Inpatient medical facility
2Currency exchange pointRetail (47)equality
3Gas station and complexProviding accommodation, including hotels and motels (55)market/fair
4Places of gambling and profitable gamesFood and beverage services (56)trade Center
5Microfinance organization
6School/higher and professional educational institution/college
7The lending entity

What are the parameters of the video surveillance system Can facility choose between analog and network IP cameras _

The installation of an analog camera by the building will not be considered as fulfilling the requirements of the technical characteristics stipulated by the decree.

The video surveillance system installed by the facility must meet the following parameters:

  • Video camera: network (IP);
  • Camera resolution: at least 3 megapixels
  • Sensitivity: 0 lux with active lighting (0.1 without active lighting);
  • Coverage area: it must be possible to visually see the 20-meter radius area of ​​the main and spare entrances of the building;
  • Recording resolution: at least 3 megapixels, at least 5 frames per second. The recording carried out in day and night mode should allow the accurate identification of a person (object), (in the case of a gas station and a complex, the vehicle’s state license plate);
  • Certificate: The equipment must have an ISO certificate.

External video surveillance systems of institutions

Is there an exception regarding the installation of cameras at the main entrance of the building ?

If it is not possible to install two video cameras at the main entrance due to the location of the building or other objective factor, “112” is authorized to make an exception for a specific object and allow to place only one video camera. There is a protocol on this.

Which facilities are required to receive the act of installation ?

Obtaining the act of installation is mandatory only for the following facilities:

  1. Pharmacy
  2. Authorized pharmacy
  3. The lending entity
  4. Microfinance organization
  5. Currency exchange point
  6. Places of gambling and profitable games
  7. School/higher and professional educational institution/college
  8. Gas stations and complexes


Who should the facility contact to receive the act of installation ?

The act of installation will be issued by the Public Safety Management Center “112”.


How long is the digital information obtained as a result of video recording stored ?


The owner of the object is obliged to make video recording continuously and continuously and to keep the records for not less than 30 days and not more than months .


What sanction does the legislation envisage for the violation of the obligation to install place automatic photo- and or video equipment established technical characteristics and or operation rules by the facilities implementing economic activities as well as the fair inpatient medical facility market fair and shopping center ?


Violation of the mentioned rules constitutes an administrative offense and causes a person to be warned at the first stage. Failure to eliminate/correct the defect within 30 days of receiving the warning will result in a fine of 3000 GEL .


Summary of adopted regulation


In two words, the regulation implies that facilities that are required to implement an outdoor video surveillance system must consider the following:

  1. Cameras must be network type ( IP) , with a resolution of not less than mega pixels.
  2. Duration of continuous recording of the video archive should be no less than 30 days
  3. 112 should be notified immediately (in writing) about interruptions caused by various reasons .


How to fulfill the resolution required by the regulation, what should be taken into account by the business manager (decision maker), how to select the integrator and the right system

External video surveillance systems of institutions

Necessary equipment:

First of all, attention should be paid to quality. A brand that has trust and authority in the world. Fortunately, in our country, there are many Eastern (mainly Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and Western brands. As a rule, manufacturers create cameras for different business purposes and divide them into so-called in series. Accordingly, their price is determined. A low-budget, relatively low-priced series differs from a higher-priced series in terms of technical components, i.e. video-audio information processing resources and software corresponding to the latter. In order to correctly select the technology that will respond to the obligation imposed by the regulation, it is necessary to correctly select the video surveillance system integrator Kopmaniya.

Integrator (installer) company:

When a business is faced with the need to implement video surveillance systems at its facilities, it starts looking for a company that provides products and services. In general, it is clearly possible that when a company faces such a task, it is possible to purchase products in one company and entrust the implementation of the service to a physical. Pierce, Ind. An entrepreneur or a service integrator company, but this approach can be justified only if the business tasks are simple and it does not involve system integration according to the norms established by the regulator. In such a case, the most correct approach would be to choose such a supplier and at the same time an integrator that:

  1. Which in the range of products has equipment with high reliability and quality certificates.
  2. Has experience in implementing this type of projects and handing over the object to the regulator, and if necessary, can present a portfolio of completed projects.
  3. undertakes to hand over the object to the regulator. It will help you to collect all the necessary documents (they should provide the technical documentation) and upload them correctly on the portal.
  4. undertakes that in the event of the need for a repeat visit of the regulator to the object, they will pay the fee for the repeat visit. In a little detail: object registration and on-site travel service of experts were free of charge before. According to the updated regulation, the service fee was set at 100 GEL, therefore, the repeat visit service also amounts to 100 GEL.


This business transaction model is not a set rule, it is our recommendation.


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External video surveillance systems of institutions

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