Subsidiary company – INNOCOM


The decision to create the Innocom company was born as a result of the knowledge and experience gained from the 6-year practice of the Innotech company (importer and integrator of security systems). In particular, practice and additional permanent research and business analysis have shown that the telecommunications segment is growing and developing very quickly. The number of IT profile companies is increasing day by day and we have seen that the demand in the market is more (and permanently increasing) than the supply. Demanding companies are much more than supplying companies. Based on the fact that we have been customers of this segment for many years (Innotech company), we know who the main players are in this market, we saw our place and the opportunity to gradually bring an important part of the market to us, that is, to Inocom. We have decided to enter the telecommunications market, at the first stage by importing and selling passive components of the computer network infrastructure (communication cabinets, patch panels, network installation accessories, tools, etc.), and then we will develop the range of optical network infrastructure products, and at the next stage we will offer the market active computer network Along with the production of components (routers, switches, servers, uninterruptible power supplies, etc.), we will develop the field of information technology services. We will create a competent department that will ensure the creation and execution of computer network and data storage projects. At the same time, provision of various IT services in the form of outsourcing.


Our mission

Inocom will position itself in the rapidly growing market of telecommunications and electronic computing equipment. Our goal is to stay in the direction of modern digital-electronic technologies and gradually join adjacent directions. From security systems, we continue to expand in the direction of information technology and want to establish ourselves in this multifaceted field. The next steps will be cyber security (in conditions of increased risks, the demand for such services is increasing) and software production.


our vision

As a result of many years of observation on the market and intensive relations with suppliers, we have gained knowledge and therefore experience of what products the market mainly demands. What is fast-selling and what product line would be the most optimal to start a new company from the point of view of finance and risk minimization. We will start with a small one and continue to climb in steps. We have established a list of products and minimum stocks. We also have an accurate view of the final assortment and balances. In other words, we know where we will start and where we will go in the next 2-3 years.


Our products and offers


The following categories of products were selected for placement in the company’s online store at the first stage:

Wall-mounted communication cabinets (racks)
Communication cabinet accessories
Cord organizers
Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
Patch panels (various categories)
Patch cords (various categories)
Connectors and keys (various categories)
Installation tools
Tool kits
Network testers



In the following stages, we will develop the following directions:

Standing communication cabinets (racks)
Server components
Optical passive devices
optical devices
Continuous power supplies
network devices
Servers and accessories
It’s a phone